8 March 2014

A very messy play session

I took the Little ones to a messy play session at our local community centre, it is run by a group called Messaround. Each week they set up different tactile experiences for the children who are free to explore them however they wish and make as much mess as possible! It is great as there are lots of things for the children to explore through tactile play, many of these things I would not do at home, and best of all I don't have to clean any of it up afterwards. I do however have to clean the children though!! It is a brilliant idea and the Little ones both love going.

It is set out with the really messy stuff in the middle of the hall on big trays with foam mats, towels and sheets laid out underneath to absorb the mess and prevent slipping and other bits around the room, Each week they have shredded paper, chalks and large rolls of paper, sand, junk (like empty boxes and bottles), water play, a painting activity and this week they had shreddies, Baked beans, orange custard with sprinkles in it and bark with leaves and plastic insects. As soon as we arrived the Little ones got stuck in.....

Little 1 started with painting, with a fly swat, making all sorts of splatter marks on the paper while Little 2 stood in the paint and made foot prints then turned herself into Shrek by painting herself green!! Then washed it off in the water play bit. (The green paint did wash off in the bath but there was a lingering green tinge for a day or two!)

 Little 2 played with the beans, scooping and piling them while Little 1 played in the sand, building a sandcastle.

There was some squishy play with the custard which a small boy managed to rub all over my leg and deposit in Little 2's hair!! Little 1 just dives right in and doesn't mind getting messy, she is quite cheeky and goes to wash her hands in the water play tubs! Little 2 is a bit more reserved with the sticky gooey stuff preferring to use utensils to explore it but she will dip her fingers in a little.

Little 1 didn't like the large plastic insects in the bark so she moved them into a small pile and covered them in the leaves so that she couldn't see them. She kept pulling faces and saying yuck, holding them by a leg or wing as if they really were real, she wouldn't touch the spider at all!!

Lastly the Little ones played in the shreddies, Little 1 was crushing as many as she could with her hands (she said it was so that Little 2 couldn't pick them up and eat them), Little 2 enjoyed stamping on them and then they played lovely together filling and tipping a little toy car with the crumbly mix.

After all that it was time to wipe down and change my green, messy, soggy children to take them home and stick them in a nice hot bath. We love messy play and will be going again soon.


  1. Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)12 March 2014 at 13:26

    That looks like so much fun! And all that mess isn't in your house - perfect!

  2. Loving Life With Little Ones12 March 2014 at 13:42

    It is great, i just have to wipe them down and strip them off then into the bath at home, job done!

  3. Loving Life With Little Ones12 March 2014 at 13:43

    They love it and so do I- no paint on the carpet!

  4. This looks so fun! My boys would love it! (actually I wouldn't mind getting stuck in to some of those activities too!)

  5. Sara (@mumturnedmom)12 March 2014 at 17:14

    This looks like an amazing group! We do a little hit of messy play in our house, but I can just see my ones getting stuck in to all this amazing stuff, #MiniCreations

  6. Loving Life With Little Ones12 March 2014 at 22:39

    Its great x

  7. Loving Life With Little Ones12 March 2014 at 22:39

    I try to keep out of it myself!

  8. Loving Life With Little Ones12 March 2014 at 22:40

    It is really busy but we make sure we get there early,

  9. The Mums say - This sounds like such amazingly good fun. Brilliant group.
    Lucas says - I LOOOVVVVVEEEE MESS!!! I so want to go here!!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  10. Loving Life With Little Ones17 March 2014 at 11:33

    Thanks x

  11. Wow, that looks like the best messy play session ever! What a fantastic group and you don't have to clean up the mess!
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  12. Merlinda Little20 March 2014 at 08:41

    That looks FUN!

  13. Loving Life With Little Ones20 March 2014 at 09:22

    It is, thanks for commenting x

  14. What a fantastic idea. We do (and blog about!) Lot of messy and sensory play as it is so good for them, but the mess is off putting, so this would be a great idea! Thanks for linking up to #binkylinky x

  15. Loving Life With Little Ones21 March 2014 at 13:19

    It is a really popular group around here x

  16. This looks great. I don't mind messy play if it's not in my own home ;) hehe

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  17. Loving Life With Little Ones22 March 2014 at 09:40

    We went again yesterday!

  18. The explorer's mum!24 March 2014 at 13:57

    This looks like great fun - what a fantastic idea #binkylinky

  19. Loving Life With Little Ones24 March 2014 at 14:52

    Thanks for commenting x

  20. This looks like a LOT of fun! And fantastic not to be the one who has to tidy up! There is a messy play session locally but it always seems to get booked up - I can totally understand why! #minicreations


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