9 February 2014

Toilet training, 2 weeks in...

Little 2 has been in pants for 2 weeks now and she has been doing really well. She had got wees sorted after just a couple of days and is now taking herself off to the potty, telling me when she needs to go and holding it in for long periods of time with just a few leaks in the first few days. She has got quite independent really quickly and doesn't like to be asked if she needs to go or told to go at all, she gets quite cross. I need to believe in her ability to know when she needs to go and not keep asking her if she needs a wee all the time. She still likes to go off to a quiet corner to do the other (!) but I'm sure she will soon feel more comfortable doing it on the toilet or potty and take herself rather than me taking her, then we'll be well away.

In the whole 2 weeks she has amazed me, she hasn't had a single wet nappy at nap time, they have all been completely dry, she only naps for 40 minutes now and always goes for a wee before. I am going to be brave and from tomorrow I am not going to put a nappy on her for nap time and see what happens. (update- I did put her down without a nappy today and when I went up to wake her she had taken her trousers, pants and socks off and was asleep half naked but dry!)
Talking of dry nappies, for the past 4 mornings she has woken up bone dry in the morning too, not a drop in her nappy, she has got dressed and waited a good 5-10 minutes before giving in to my demands that she goes for a wee too. I am not ready to ditch the night nappies completely just yet, little 2 is still in a sleeping bag in a cot and no where near able to get up and go on the potty by herself in the night so I think I'll leave it a bit and see, if she is still dry in a week or two (or three or four) then maybe it will be time to ditch night nappies and move to a big girl bed, but I'm in no hurry for that!

I thought she may have been a bit young to train at 23 months and had put it off for a bit even though she had the signs of readiness, but I am glad I did it when I did, she has been brilliant and fantastic, my clever little girl.

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