18 February 2014

My gorgeous girlie

I've noticed that a lot of my posts are about Little 2 or both girls at the moment and there isn't much about just Little 1, this is not deliberate. There seems to be more to write about with Little 2 currently with potty training and her birthday and Little 1 is at pre-school several days a week so I take less pictures of her on her own, I'm sure when she starts school in September it will be the other way around.  

Little 1 really has a great character and has me giggling every day, she is pretty happy go lucky most of the time although has been testing the boundries lately! I took these pictures of her when she was chilling on her innotab after coming home from a princess birthday party.

She really is a pretty little girl (although I am rather biased), the tight curls and ringlets she had as a toddler are beginning to drop out now and her hair is going wavy and wild, she wants to grow it for when she starts school so it will not be long before she is all grown up with long hair and looking back as she waves me off at the school gates. Sob sob...

But for now she is still my little girl and I am still in charge, although she may think otherwise, and I am going to enjoy it as long as I can because she is growing up too fast. I love you Little 1.

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