13 February 2014

Monster birthday cards

We like to make home made cards in this house, for any occasion. The girls like to make them and those special enough to receive them love them too. A card made by us almost always involves painting, sticking and/or stamping, sticky fingers and lots of fun.

This time the cards were intended for the girls Granny (Daddy's mum) who's birthday it is tomorrow. Little 1 wanted to do sticking. Usually we have all sorts of sticking bits in pink and girly colours, flowers, pom poms and sequins too but today we seemed to be running low on these but had lots of lolly sticks, pipe cleaners and feathers so I came up with the idea of making monster birthday cards. 

We started out decorating the insides of the cards (as it is easier to do before all the bits are stuck on the front). The girls used some stamps they had from Father Christmas to make lots of pretty patterns and wrote inside.

We then got busy being creative using lots and lots of pva glue. Lolly sticks became bodies, pipe cleaners were arms and legs, feathers for heads and the final touch, the googly eyes. 

Getting crafty with the girls usually ends when Little 2 begins to ingest the materials, having run out of bits to stick or room on the page for glue, she can not usually resist a lick of the paintbrush or a finger in the glue pot heading for her lips! Little 1 usually continues on for a while using up the paint or glue on odd bits of paper, today she stuck the left over feathers on the 'microwave' (an empty cracker box) she brought home from pre-school. 

So without further ado here they are, Little 1's creation is on the left, Little 2's on the right. I'm sure Granny will love them.


  1. What a great idea!!

  2. i love home made cards. so much more thoughtful than shop bought ones.


  3. Lucas says - these homemade cards are awesome. I would love to receive one of these. High-5 for an excellent job.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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