14 January 2014

Up and down day

Today was a bit of an up and down day, the girls played really nicely most of the day but Little 1 kept demanding things (like chocolate and more television)and then breaking down into floods of tears because I said no, I was tired so didn't have much patience with her and cross words were said which made her cross and stamp her feet then she would go back to playing, all forgotten. I think she is tired, she wasn't 100% at the weekend and is still not quite right, I hope she feels better tomorrow. 
 In the morning we went to our local toddler group, the girls made puppets and played in the sand for 45 minutes while I nursed a cup of coffee. Later on they set up a picnic on the sofa, they pretended to feed their dolls and drink coffee, I enjoyed watching them chatting away to each other but the game came to an abrupt end when little feet knocked the tray onto the floor.
After that Little 1 declared she wanted to 'read' to me so I sat cross-legged on the floor while she ran her finger along the words of her book talking nonsense words, Little 2 got in on the act by repeating Little 1, it ended with me reading them a story while they bounced on my legs! 

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