22 January 2014

The games they play - Dens

The Little ones are at a great age at the moment, they are so good at playing together and creating great games. Little 2 is old enough now to join in with her sister and do as she is asked and follow the games rules as set by Little 1. Sometimes they will play brilliantly for half an hour or more meaning I can get on with a few jobs around the house, that is when I'm not playing too. 

This morning in the half hour between breakfast and going to pre-school the girls got all their cuddly toys and piled them up on the sofa, Little 1 was telling Little 2 which ones to bring over and where they needed to go and she happily obliged.

I asked Little 1 what they were playing and she said they were making a den, I was forbidden to tidy anything when we left for pre-school and so everything is still there for when she gets home this afternoon.
They often play this game on the sofa or on beanbags in the corner of the room or under the front window, as well as teddies you can usually find cups, plates and play food as well as books and toy cars there. I'm not sure what the game entails but they have great fun playing it and are fab at helping to tidy it all away afterwards.

I will be writing more about the games the Little ones play so watch this space....


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  2. Mine love doing that too, except, I struggle to get them to tidy it up again after (what's your secret?). Love the look on her face in the 1st photo....so happy :)
    Thank for linking #LetKidsBeKids (Are you on twitter?)

    1. lovinglifewithlittleones30 January 2014 at 21:15

      Thanks, my two are naturally tidy like me!! yes I'm on twitter @lifelittleones


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