28 January 2014

Soft play sunday

We had friends to stay last weekend, Little 2 was doing so well with her potty training as well as me feeling pants so we decided to go to a local garden centre for Sunday dinner along with Nanny and Uncle Michael (my brother), the best bit was they had soft play for the girls (don't you just love the new trend of soft play in cafes and garden centres).

The children were kept amused for 3 hours while we chatted, drank coffee and ate a yummy hot lunch, there was burying each other in the ball pool, making friends, sliding and making barriers on the steps and not one wee accident throughout.

I had to put this picture in too as it is my favourite one I took all day. Little 2 was eating her dinner so nicely with an enormous fork, she was trying so hard to pick up her peas one by one by stabbing them with it and looked so adorable.

What a lovely few hours spent with friends and family.

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