27 January 2014

Potty training update and Poorly mummy.

Potty training Little 2 has been going brilliantly, we are now at the end of day 3 (Sunday) and she has done really well, she has been sitting and performing for us and today she has asked for a wee a couple of times (even when we went out for lunch). We have had a handful of accidents but to be honest nearly every time she started to wee then realised what was happening and has done the rest on the potty or toilet.

To reward her for being fabulous (and Little 1 for being very helpful fetching dry clothes and cheering her little sister) I bought them both a little present, a Disney light up wand, when they press the button it plays a slightly annoying twinkling noise and lights up, they love them. 
Little 2 was too busy to model hers but Little 1 was willing.
I have been feeling pretty rough today, I woke yesterday with tonsils the size of small golf balls and went downhill from there. Overnight I woke roughly every 15 minutes needing to swallow but it hurt too much, despite taking painkillers so I barely slept. Today they are worse, I can't swallow my own spit (sorry!) let alone swallow painkillers (It is OK for grown ups to have large volumes of calpol isn't it?), it hurts to eat and drink coffee (aargh), my head is boiling and hurts but the rest of me is cold, shivery and achy, Bleugh. 

I have just made everyone hot chocolate and folded the washing while Daddy entertained the girls by watching Peppa pig (a mother's work is never done, eh). Hopefully I will be so tired I will sleep tonight, Little 1 is at pre-school all day tomorrow so I will have a quiet day with Little 2, after I've done the shopping that is!


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