24 January 2014

Potty training - day 1

So today I finally decided to take the plunge and get on with potty training Little 2 (see my previous post Big girl pants?). She isn't quite 2 years old yet but I was pretty sure she was ready and today she has proved me right.

I started off last week getting her to help me find all the tiny pants from her big sister in the loft, put them in the wash and away in her drawers, she got quite excited at the prospect of being a 'big girl'. She is already familiar with using the toilet and potty as she has been doing so at nappy change time for a few weeks now. This morning, despite that fact that she has a stinking cold and coughed half the night, when she got up she willingly went for a wee and chose some pants to wear. 

She was absolutely brilliant and amazing and I am so proud of her, she did lots of wees on the potty/toilet and had a dry nappy at nap time, we even braved a successful quick trip to Tesco. I started by asking her every hour to sit on the potty/toilet sometimes she would and do a wee (which was swiftly awarded with a chocolate coin, she wasn't interested in the stickers) and other times she said 'no' (I think she already knows whether she needs to go or not). 

She was really proud of herself and shouted 'I did a wee wee' each time she went with a huge ear to ear grin and clapping, Little 1 and I were clapping and shouting 'yea' too (good job she didn't mind an audience!). 

She did have an accident shortly after she and Little 1 had been jumping around the living room for 5 minutes being frogs, she hadn't wanted to go for nearly 3 hours so I wasn't surprised as she won't have developed her muscles much yet allowing her to hold it in with all that jumping. 

I can't believe how well she did for her first day, I am one proud mummy with a clever little girl. 

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