31 January 2014

Our week that was...

As I've been ill this week I haven't written any proper posts so I'll just give you a run down.
Today we had pre-school runs, the grocery shopping and a trip to the doctors all fitted in and Little 2 was brilliant, no toileting accidents whatsoever. I'm pretty sure she is now understanding when she needs to go for a wee which is great, she is a star.

I went to the doctors today as I still felt awful, my throat was swollen even more and I had some sort of cold sweat going on! The nurse said I had tonsillitis but wasn't going to give me anything for it (humph).

I was definitely NOT feeling better, totally terrible in fact. I had no sleep for a third night, I couldn't swallow anything and all I wanted to do was cry. I rang the doctors again, luckily I saw the same nurse as yesterday, she took one look and said 'I thought I'd see you back today, it is definitely worse, I'll give you antibiotics' (whew- I did at that point shed a tear in relief!) But why did I have to suffer for another 24 hours in the first place?!

Nanny wasn't at work today so she came and helped me out big time. She stayed all day, took the girls to toddler group in the morning where they made flowers and when Little 2 and I were having a snooze she went shopping with Little 1 and bought me lucozade and chocolate for when I was feeling better, she is the best, Thanks Mum.

Flowers for Mummy

Dare I say it but although there was more swelling and I couldn't talk very well, I was feeling a little better, it wasn't as painful and I actually managed to eat soup (I have lived off lucozade and strawberry nesquick for 2 days). I'm still shivery and boiling at the same time and feel so drained.

Little 1 was at pre-school all day so I had a quiet(!) day with Little 2 entertaining herself with musical instruments and we may have watched a couple too many episodes of Ben and Holly together (oh well...)

Budding Musician

I had a good nights sleep last night and feel sooo much better today, almost myself just really drained. Little 2 has pretty much got the hang of potty training and is being very independent, not wanting my help.

Little 2 got a raisin stuck up her nose which was a bit of a drama but i managed to sort it!

We went to Tumble tots and Little 2 moved up to the next group, she did really well on the higher equipment and waiting her turn.

A cross toddler after raisin extraction!
Today we didn't have pre-school so the Little ones and I made playdough food (post to follow) and stayed home in the warm as it was bitter outside. Later on we went to pick up the pictures from our photo shoot which were gorgeous. 
I'm feeling much better but think I'm getting a cold now! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Busy creating.

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