23 January 2014

My helpful little ones

I like to think we have brought up our girls well, they are happy and content and are usually very well behaved, yes there are times when they are not, but that is not that often and there is usually a reason such as being ill or they are tired. 

I am quite a tidy person myself and can't stand things lying around the house so I am often found pottering and putting bits and pieces back where they belong  I have a tenancy to tidy around the children playing, putting back bits that seem to have been discarded, this does however annoy Little 1 sometimes as toys were in odd places for a reason and definitely not finished with. Oops!

I think a lot of my tidiness has rubbed off on Little 2, being a stay at home mum she is around me all day watching what I do and has a lot of my traits. She is very tidy, if she spills or drops something she immediately says 'I tidy up' and fetches a tea towel to mop a spill or picks up what she has dropped. She doesn't mind making a mess and isn't bothered by being crumby or sticky but she is really good when it is time to tidy up, doing so as soon as she is asked and putting everything in the right place. 

I ask the children to take finished snack pots and cups or empty packets out to the kitchen which they both do, however Little 2 has been doing it by herself without being asked for a while now and it always melts my heart a little to find a small pot teetering on the edge of the worktop (she can only just reach the edge) when I enter the kitchen after popping upstairs or something. I can't imagine her being this tidy as a teenager so long may it last.

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