12 January 2014

Little 2 and Postman Pat

Little 2 likes Postman Pat, she likes to watch it on television and can sing a rather cute version of the theme song ( she doesn't watch it that much, honestly). She can't remember the whole song so it usually goes like this
Pos-e-pat pos-e-pat (mumbles in tune......) caaaat
er-y in morning...(mumbles).... dawning
...(mumbles) vaaaaaan
everybody knows...(mumbles)...vaaaaan
(lots of mumbles).........
maybeee......(lots of mumbles as she doesn't know this bit)...
pos-e-pat pos-e-pat.... back and whi(te) caaaat
birds are singing.... beginining.....(mumbles).....maaaaan
YEAH (clapping)

For Christmas this year we bought her a Special Delivery Service playset, after we had located a screwdriver to unscrew it from the box (Yes really, screwed to the cardboard) and assembled the 3 main bits (they clipped together really easily) and the other bits that clipped to it she hasn't stopped playing with it since.

It came with the main bit above, a little x-ray machine bit with 3 letters and a turning sorting machine , Ben, Pat and Jess figures and 3 parcels. What I like best is there are no batteries, the belt turns with a little knob, the door opens with a leaver and the lift to the helipad has a leaver too, she likes this bit best and spends lots of time putting the people up and down, I think we need to get her the helicopter next.

We got it on offer in Toys r us for £12.50 which I think was good value, its normally £25. It is aged 3+ because of the small bits and although Little 2 is only 23 months she doesn't put things in her mouth anymore so it is ok for her to play with. Little 1 also plays with it and some of the other bits from the series we have so it is suited to a good age range. It is her birthday soon and we will be getting her some more from the Postman Pat range.

N.B This post was written by me for this blog, it was not a sponsored post and we were not asked to review this toy.

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