17 January 2014

I'm so dizzy!

The Little ones have recently learnt how to make themselves dizzy, twirling around and around laughing until they either fall on the floor or wobble off laughing (or get hurt when it ends in tears). They find it really funny and partake in it at least once a day, today I took pictures.

 Little 2 was saying 'I so dizzy' over and over. Little 1 was trying to persuade me to join in. In the end I gave in and had some fun until I got so dizzy I stopped and tried to walk then I promptly hit my head on the underside of the stairs! How many times have I warned them to be careful and stay in the middle of the room, we all then collapsed in a heap laughing with Little 1 saying 'Mummy, you didn't look where you were going'.

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