16 January 2014

Big girl pants????

Little 2 is approaching her second birthday and I am in two minds whether to toilet train her or wait a little longer, the thing is it is me that is not ready rather than her!!!
Little 1 trained in a week just after the age of 2 when I had a week off work and decided to go for it. This time I just don't want to take the plunge. Little 2 has been going for a wee on the potty or toilet at nappy changing time for a couple of months now (if she wants to that is). She knows when she is doing a number two and has done since she was 18 months, recently she has got quite cross when I check her nappy and asked to be changed a couple of times. She doesn't know when she needs a wee yet though.

I think she is ready and will learn quickly but the thing is I'm not. We have the pre-school run 4 days a week, we go to toddler group and Tumble Tots too so I can't just camp out at home for a week like I did with Little 1 while she gets it. Half term would have been a good time but we're busy and it is a month away. We have a quiet weekend next weekend so I might give it a go, I might!!

Wish us luck and watch this space.....

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