20 January 2014

Apple crumble

A busy weekend for my Little ones this past weekend.
The girls had their pictures taken on Saturday at Pixifoto near us, we got some lovely pictures of them, they also had a few taken in their fairy outfits which looked really cute, can't wait to collect them and get them on the wall. In the afternoon we went to a cousin's birthday party and the girls had fun.

 On Sunday Little 1 went to her hockey club (more about that later on another post) and came home with her very own stick we had ordered her for getting her bronze skills badge, She and Daddy then practiced in the living room (much to my annoyance and protest before I finally laid down the law!) I suggested we went to the little park near us so we wrapped up warm and went, scooter and hockey sticks in hand, Little 2 spent ages on the swing while Daddy and Little 1 practiced passing.

Later Nanny popped around for coffee and helped us polish off the biscuits we made last week. We had a bag of tasty apples from Granny and Grampy's garden that needed using so Little 1 and I made an apple and raisin crumble. She was a great help in the kitchen weighing out the topping ingredients and 'tickling' the mixture into bread crumbs. The result was very tasty and we all had second helpings. Mmmmm

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