31 January 2014

Our week that was...

As I've been ill this week I haven't written any proper posts so I'll just give you a run down.
Today we had pre-school runs, the grocery shopping and a trip to the doctors all fitted in and Little 2 was brilliant, no toileting accidents whatsoever. I'm pretty sure she is now understanding when she needs to go for a wee which is great, she is a star.

I went to the doctors today as I still felt awful, my throat was swollen even more and I had some sort of cold sweat going on! The nurse said I had tonsillitis but wasn't going to give me anything for it (humph).

I was definitely NOT feeling better, totally terrible in fact. I had no sleep for a third night, I couldn't swallow anything and all I wanted to do was cry. I rang the doctors again, luckily I saw the same nurse as yesterday, she took one look and said 'I thought I'd see you back today, it is definitely worse, I'll give you antibiotics' (whew- I did at that point shed a tear in relief!) But why did I have to suffer for another 24 hours in the first place?!

Nanny wasn't at work today so she came and helped me out big time. She stayed all day, took the girls to toddler group in the morning where they made flowers and when Little 2 and I were having a snooze she went shopping with Little 1 and bought me lucozade and chocolate for when I was feeling better, she is the best, Thanks Mum.

Flowers for Mummy

Dare I say it but although there was more swelling and I couldn't talk very well, I was feeling a little better, it wasn't as painful and I actually managed to eat soup (I have lived off lucozade and strawberry nesquick for 2 days). I'm still shivery and boiling at the same time and feel so drained.

Little 1 was at pre-school all day so I had a quiet(!) day with Little 2 entertaining herself with musical instruments and we may have watched a couple too many episodes of Ben and Holly together (oh well...)

Budding Musician

I had a good nights sleep last night and feel sooo much better today, almost myself just really drained. Little 2 has pretty much got the hang of potty training and is being very independent, not wanting my help.

Little 2 got a raisin stuck up her nose which was a bit of a drama but i managed to sort it!

We went to Tumble tots and Little 2 moved up to the next group, she did really well on the higher equipment and waiting her turn.

A cross toddler after raisin extraction!
Today we didn't have pre-school so the Little ones and I made playdough food (post to follow) and stayed home in the warm as it was bitter outside. Later on we went to pick up the pictures from our photo shoot which were gorgeous. 
I'm feeling much better but think I'm getting a cold now! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Busy creating.

30 January 2014

The raisin incident!!

We had a little incident today involving a raisin, a toddler and a nose!! Little 2 was playing nicely and eating her snack of yoghurt coated raisins, I was putting the shopping away. She came out to the kitchen with an empty bowl and her finger up her nose and said 'raisin up there' (Aargh). 
I had a look and could see it, I tried to get her to blow it out but she didn't get what I was asking her to do so I got the tweezers. I got Little 2 to lay down and I had a go but the yoghurt coating meant I couldn't get hold of it and Little 2 got upset, the poor thing.

Drastic action was required so after a brief cuddle I laid her on the floor in between my legs and held her head with my feet, I somehow managed to hold her arms down with my elbow and her nose with my hand and tweezers in the other, by this time the coating has melted off so I was able to grab the raisin and pull it out.

We had lots of cuddles after and I asked her not to put anything up there again. 'Ok' she said. This picture was the grumpy toddler I had for a few minutes after removing the offending raisin.

28 January 2014

Soft play sunday

We had friends to stay last weekend, Little 2 was doing so well with her potty training as well as me feeling pants so we decided to go to a local garden centre for Sunday dinner along with Nanny and Uncle Michael (my brother), the best bit was they had soft play for the girls (don't you just love the new trend of soft play in cafes and garden centres).

The children were kept amused for 3 hours while we chatted, drank coffee and ate a yummy hot lunch, there was burying each other in the ball pool, making friends, sliding and making barriers on the steps and not one wee accident throughout.

I had to put this picture in too as it is my favourite one I took all day. Little 2 was eating her dinner so nicely with an enormous fork, she was trying so hard to pick up her peas one by one by stabbing them with it and looked so adorable.

What a lovely few hours spent with friends and family.

27 January 2014

Potty training update and Poorly mummy.

Potty training Little 2 has been going brilliantly, we are now at the end of day 3 (Sunday) and she has done really well, she has been sitting and performing for us and today she has asked for a wee a couple of times (even when we went out for lunch). We have had a handful of accidents but to be honest nearly every time she started to wee then realised what was happening and has done the rest on the potty or toilet.

To reward her for being fabulous (and Little 1 for being very helpful fetching dry clothes and cheering her little sister) I bought them both a little present, a Disney light up wand, when they press the button it plays a slightly annoying twinkling noise and lights up, they love them. 
Little 2 was too busy to model hers but Little 1 was willing.
I have been feeling pretty rough today, I woke yesterday with tonsils the size of small golf balls and went downhill from there. Overnight I woke roughly every 15 minutes needing to swallow but it hurt too much, despite taking painkillers so I barely slept. Today they are worse, I can't swallow my own spit (sorry!) let alone swallow painkillers (It is OK for grown ups to have large volumes of calpol isn't it?), it hurts to eat and drink coffee (aargh), my head is boiling and hurts but the rest of me is cold, shivery and achy, Bleugh. 

I have just made everyone hot chocolate and folded the washing while Daddy entertained the girls by watching Peppa pig (a mother's work is never done, eh). Hopefully I will be so tired I will sleep tonight, Little 1 is at pre-school all day tomorrow so I will have a quiet day with Little 2, after I've done the shopping that is!


26 January 2014

The games they play - Picnics

The Little ones like to play make believe at the moment and are often creating fantastic picnics and parties where they set up, pretend to eat and then clear away. Sometimes they are simple affairs with just a few items and others are quite elaborate. 
The other day I popped upstairs to sort the washing and came down to this:
I was invited to join them and we spent the next twenty minutes drinking Cappuccinos and eating dinner. I love seeing how their games develop and wonder what game they are going to come up with next.

24 January 2014

Potty training - day 1

So today I finally decided to take the plunge and get on with potty training Little 2 (see my previous post Big girl pants?). She isn't quite 2 years old yet but I was pretty sure she was ready and today she has proved me right.

I started off last week getting her to help me find all the tiny pants from her big sister in the loft, put them in the wash and away in her drawers, she got quite excited at the prospect of being a 'big girl'. She is already familiar with using the toilet and potty as she has been doing so at nappy change time for a few weeks now. This morning, despite that fact that she has a stinking cold and coughed half the night, when she got up she willingly went for a wee and chose some pants to wear. 

She was absolutely brilliant and amazing and I am so proud of her, she did lots of wees on the potty/toilet and had a dry nappy at nap time, we even braved a successful quick trip to Tesco. I started by asking her every hour to sit on the potty/toilet sometimes she would and do a wee (which was swiftly awarded with a chocolate coin, she wasn't interested in the stickers) and other times she said 'no' (I think she already knows whether she needs to go or not). 

She was really proud of herself and shouted 'I did a wee wee' each time she went with a huge ear to ear grin and clapping, Little 1 and I were clapping and shouting 'yea' too (good job she didn't mind an audience!). 

She did have an accident shortly after she and Little 1 had been jumping around the living room for 5 minutes being frogs, she hadn't wanted to go for nearly 3 hours so I wasn't surprised as she won't have developed her muscles much yet allowing her to hold it in with all that jumping. 

I can't believe how well she did for her first day, I am one proud mummy with a clever little girl. 

23 January 2014

My helpful little ones

I like to think we have brought up our girls well, they are happy and content and are usually very well behaved, yes there are times when they are not, but that is not that often and there is usually a reason such as being ill or they are tired. 

I am quite a tidy person myself and can't stand things lying around the house so I am often found pottering and putting bits and pieces back where they belong  I have a tenancy to tidy around the children playing, putting back bits that seem to have been discarded, this does however annoy Little 1 sometimes as toys were in odd places for a reason and definitely not finished with. Oops!

I think a lot of my tidiness has rubbed off on Little 2, being a stay at home mum she is around me all day watching what I do and has a lot of my traits. She is very tidy, if she spills or drops something she immediately says 'I tidy up' and fetches a tea towel to mop a spill or picks up what she has dropped. She doesn't mind making a mess and isn't bothered by being crumby or sticky but she is really good when it is time to tidy up, doing so as soon as she is asked and putting everything in the right place. 

I ask the children to take finished snack pots and cups or empty packets out to the kitchen which they both do, however Little 2 has been doing it by herself without being asked for a while now and it always melts my heart a little to find a small pot teetering on the edge of the worktop (she can only just reach the edge) when I enter the kitchen after popping upstairs or something. I can't imagine her being this tidy as a teenager so long may it last.

22 January 2014

The games they play - Dens

The Little ones are at a great age at the moment, they are so good at playing together and creating great games. Little 2 is old enough now to join in with her sister and do as she is asked and follow the games rules as set by Little 1. Sometimes they will play brilliantly for half an hour or more meaning I can get on with a few jobs around the house, that is when I'm not playing too. 

This morning in the half hour between breakfast and going to pre-school the girls got all their cuddly toys and piled them up on the sofa, Little 1 was telling Little 2 which ones to bring over and where they needed to go and she happily obliged.

I asked Little 1 what they were playing and she said they were making a den, I was forbidden to tidy anything when we left for pre-school and so everything is still there for when she gets home this afternoon.
They often play this game on the sofa or on beanbags in the corner of the room or under the front window, as well as teddies you can usually find cups, plates and play food as well as books and toy cars there. I'm not sure what the game entails but they have great fun playing it and are fab at helping to tidy it all away afterwards.

I will be writing more about the games the Little ones play so watch this space....

20 January 2014

Apple crumble

A busy weekend for my Little ones this past weekend.
The girls had their pictures taken on Saturday at Pixifoto near us, we got some lovely pictures of them, they also had a few taken in their fairy outfits which looked really cute, can't wait to collect them and get them on the wall. In the afternoon we went to a cousin's birthday party and the girls had fun.

 On Sunday Little 1 went to her hockey club (more about that later on another post) and came home with her very own stick we had ordered her for getting her bronze skills badge, She and Daddy then practiced in the living room (much to my annoyance and protest before I finally laid down the law!) I suggested we went to the little park near us so we wrapped up warm and went, scooter and hockey sticks in hand, Little 2 spent ages on the swing while Daddy and Little 1 practiced passing.

Later Nanny popped around for coffee and helped us polish off the biscuits we made last week. We had a bag of tasty apples from Granny and Grampy's garden that needed using so Little 1 and I made an apple and raisin crumble. She was a great help in the kitchen weighing out the topping ingredients and 'tickling' the mixture into bread crumbs. The result was very tasty and we all had second helpings. Mmmmm

17 January 2014

I'm so dizzy!

The Little ones have recently learnt how to make themselves dizzy, twirling around and around laughing until they either fall on the floor or wobble off laughing (or get hurt when it ends in tears). They find it really funny and partake in it at least once a day, today I took pictures.

 Little 2 was saying 'I so dizzy' over and over. Little 1 was trying to persuade me to join in. In the end I gave in and had some fun until I got so dizzy I stopped and tried to walk then I promptly hit my head on the underside of the stairs! How many times have I warned them to be careful and stay in the middle of the room, we all then collapsed in a heap laughing with Little 1 saying 'Mummy, you didn't look where you were going'.

16 January 2014

Big girl pants????

Little 2 is approaching her second birthday and I am in two minds whether to toilet train her or wait a little longer, the thing is it is me that is not ready rather than her!!!
Little 1 trained in a week just after the age of 2 when I had a week off work and decided to go for it. This time I just don't want to take the plunge. Little 2 has been going for a wee on the potty or toilet at nappy changing time for a couple of months now (if she wants to that is). She knows when she is doing a number two and has done since she was 18 months, recently she has got quite cross when I check her nappy and asked to be changed a couple of times. She doesn't know when she needs a wee yet though.

I think she is ready and will learn quickly but the thing is I'm not. We have the pre-school run 4 days a week, we go to toddler group and Tumble Tots too so I can't just camp out at home for a week like I did with Little 1 while she gets it. Half term would have been a good time but we're busy and it is a month away. We have a quiet weekend next weekend so I might give it a go, I might!!

Wish us luck and watch this space.....

Making biscuits

Little 1 has been watching a new television programme on Cbeebies called 'Time for School' all about reception children starting school (that will be her in September), in the episode we watched yesterday they made biscuits. She asked if we could make some and as we have friends coming to play tomorrow I thought it would be nice to make some to share (we bake cakes quite often but haven't made biscuits in ages). 
I didn't take any pictures while mixing as we all had sticky fingers! Here they are cutting the dough, Little 2 also liked drawing pictures in the flour. The best part is obviously being allowed to lick the icing bowl afterwards.

Don't they look yummy, mmmm makes me want one now but I mustn't i've had 2 today! Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, I could do with a better camera and the light in the kitchen is not great.

14 January 2014

Up and down day

Today was a bit of an up and down day, the girls played really nicely most of the day but Little 1 kept demanding things (like chocolate and more television)and then breaking down into floods of tears because I said no, I was tired so didn't have much patience with her and cross words were said which made her cross and stamp her feet then she would go back to playing, all forgotten. I think she is tired, she wasn't 100% at the weekend and is still not quite right, I hope she feels better tomorrow. 
 In the morning we went to our local toddler group, the girls made puppets and played in the sand for 45 minutes while I nursed a cup of coffee. Later on they set up a picnic on the sofa, they pretended to feed their dolls and drink coffee, I enjoyed watching them chatting away to each other but the game came to an abrupt end when little feet knocked the tray onto the floor.
After that Little 1 declared she wanted to 'read' to me so I sat cross-legged on the floor while she ran her finger along the words of her book talking nonsense words, Little 2 got in on the act by repeating Little 1, it ended with me reading them a story while they bounced on my legs! 

13 January 2014

Watching the world go by

There were workmen across the road from our house today fixing a water pipe, Little 2 wanted to watch them, after we'd waved and my arms had got tired I put her down then she did this:

I knew what she was going to do as soon as I put her down when she wandered off into the kitchen (to fetch the step). She likes to watch the world go by out of our front window, she stood there for ages.


Little 1 had some Christmas money from friends and chose to buy some new peppa pig pyjamas with it, tonight I asked her to stand for a picture in her pyjamas so I could send it to them to see. I said "pose for the camera" and this is what I got:
Some sort of strange zombie pose complete with wiggling fingers and slow motion marching, oh and she insisted she stood on the sofa too! Its the little things that make you love them even more...

12 January 2014

Little 2 and Postman Pat

Little 2 likes Postman Pat, she likes to watch it on television and can sing a rather cute version of the theme song ( she doesn't watch it that much, honestly). She can't remember the whole song so it usually goes like this
Pos-e-pat pos-e-pat (mumbles in tune......) caaaat
er-y in morning...(mumbles).... dawning
...(mumbles) vaaaaaan
everybody knows...(mumbles)...vaaaaan
(lots of mumbles).........
maybeee......(lots of mumbles as she doesn't know this bit)...
pos-e-pat pos-e-pat.... back and whi(te) caaaat
birds are singing.... beginining.....(mumbles).....maaaaan
YEAH (clapping)

For Christmas this year we bought her a Special Delivery Service playset, after we had located a screwdriver to unscrew it from the box (Yes really, screwed to the cardboard) and assembled the 3 main bits (they clipped together really easily) and the other bits that clipped to it she hasn't stopped playing with it since.

It came with the main bit above, a little x-ray machine bit with 3 letters and a turning sorting machine , Ben, Pat and Jess figures and 3 parcels. What I like best is there are no batteries, the belt turns with a little knob, the door opens with a leaver and the lift to the helipad has a leaver too, she likes this bit best and spends lots of time putting the people up and down, I think we need to get her the helicopter next.

We got it on offer in Toys r us for £12.50 which I think was good value, its normally £25. It is aged 3+ because of the small bits and although Little 2 is only 23 months she doesn't put things in her mouth anymore so it is ok for her to play with. Little 1 also plays with it and some of the other bits from the series we have so it is suited to a good age range. It is her birthday soon and we will be getting her some more from the Postman Pat range.

N.B This post was written by me for this blog, it was not a sponsored post and we were not asked to review this toy.

10 January 2014


We had a busy day out and about today, when it came to tea time the children were tired and hungry so I pulled a pizza from the freezer (not something my Little Ones get very often). Little 2 likes sauce with hers, ketchup, bbq, mayo, you name it and this is what she looked like.

Feeded the duuucks..

What do you want to do today Little 2? "I wanna feeded the duuucks" So we did...

Nanny came with us and afterwards took us to a garden centre for lunch, the girls were so well behaved despite being quite tired, I was very proud of them.

Fun in the Garden

Here goes my first post...

A few days ago the rain stopped long enough to go out in the garden. We all went out and 'helped' Daddy tidy the garden.

 There wasn't much helping going on, Little 1 played on the slide and Little 2 explored the garden. Then they found a spider, I hate spiders!

Little 2 was completely fascinated and watched it for ages before declaring it was time for hot chocolate milk, the further I got from the spider the better so in we went leaving Daddy to tidy.