31 August 2019

Scruff a Luvs families- Little 2 adopts a family

We have recently adopted two gorgeous white kittens into our family, they came from a rescue centre and needed a new home, someone who would look after them and a family to love them. Imagine my surprise just a few days later when Little 2 was offered her very own toy family to love and care for, a lost Mummy looking for a safe and loving home for her and her babies. And with a donation of the proceeds from each product sold going to the RSPCA to help real animals like ours find their forever homes we were happy to invite them into our home.

23 August 2019

Little 3 gets set for Reception

As I sit here writing this I can not really believe the time has come for Little 3 to go to school, he is almost four and a half yet it hardly seems a minute since he was born but here we are. We have been busy getting everything ready that he needs for school this week and I have suddenly begun to realise this is it, my last child is going to school and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it.

11 August 2019

Little 2 is flying high- literally!

If you follow us on instagram you will know that the girls are crazy about gymnastics and in quite a short time they have both amazed us in their ability to learn new moves and test the boundaries of their confidence developing skills that I could only dream of being able to do. Their hard work and dedication has paid off and over the last few months there has been plenty of exciting news on the gymnastics front.

Almost a year ago!

31 July 2019

Cake to your front door- Sponge.co.uk

Hands up if you like cake, particularly giant homemade tasty sponge with deep buttercream filling or your own little, perfect with your morning cuppa, individual cake boxed especially for you. Would you like it even more if you knew it could be delivered to your door?

25 July 2019

The Little Ones are global adventurers at WWT Slimbridge (With Fearne and Rory from Cbeebies!)

If we ask the Little ones if they fancy a trip to Slimbridge they always say 'Yes', Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands is not far from us, we are paid up members and visit throughout the year. Pretty much every school holiday there is something different to entertain the children, we have been wildlife explorers, searched for giant LEGO animals, entered the puddle jumping championships several years running, we have been to burn off steam in the winter and cool off in Wellyboot land in the summer.

This summer is no different, this season you and your Little Ones can be global adventurers at Slimbridge, we were invited along on the opening day to see the unveiling of a new exhibit and to see what we thought of this years activities.