14 January 2020

A New Year, a new blog header and a refresh

This month marks six years since I started this blog, I can't believe how fast time has gone and that I am still blogging either. When I started writing, spurred on by a friend and fellow blogger, I did not think I would still be doing it now nor how much my blog would have changed over the years.

I started writing in January 2014 when I was a stay at home mum with two children, the girls, who were then 2 and 4, as a diary of the things we got up to as a family, toddlerhood, our holidays, crafting and cooking with the children, puddle jumping and days out. Then Little 1 started school and I documented my pregnancy with Little 3 and the worries he gave us with his heart.

As time went on although I continued to blog about holidays and days out, with the girls at school and after my return to work in 2017 when Little 3 also started nursery, my blog changed a little and I began to do more reviews particularly toys and books.

I want to bring my blog back to what it was, less reviews and more about what we get up to as a family, our days out, holidays, family life, following the little Ones through school now that Little 3 has started Reception and life with two gymnasts in competition squads.

It seems that now is the right time for a new blog header. The one above was done in 2015 when Little 3 was a baby and has headed my page ever since, he is nearly 5 now and all three Little Ones have really grown, our lives are filled with gym runs and training schedules and homework although we still love jumping in puddles and getting outdoors, it was time for an update.

So what do you think? The Little ones are bigger, haven't they grown. I think it is easier to tell who is who with the new podium design and it shows the girls interests in gymnastics and Little 3's love of trains. I love the brighter colours and in particular Little 2's leotard.

Along with a little header refresh I have updated the Little Ones pages (which I do a few times a year), each child has their own page, Little 1, Little 2, Little 3, an all about me if you like, running across under the header and you can also access them by clicking on their photo on the side bar. You can find a little information about each of them, what they currently like or their hobbies, who is the best at sharing and who is the grumpiest!

So grab a cuppa, tell me what you think of the new header, read about what the Little Ones are getting up to and get ready to read more about holidays (we have bought a tent!), outdoor adventures, gymnastics and life with three Little Ones.

25 December 2019

Merry Christmas to all xx

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.....

The Little Ones were tucked up in bed, you see, after hanging their stockings by the fire with glee. A quick stop for photos under the Christmas tree and they all went to bed willingly...

Who am I kidding, three children and two cats.... they are far too excited to sleep, I am certain of that.

21 December 2019

Getting stuck into 3D puzzles from Kidicraft

What do you do on dark winter evenings and soggy Sundays or even during the Christmas break? As the Little Ones grow older we are finding that we are playing more board games and doing more and more puzzles on days like those, we have dug out some old ones recently and this week we have been having a go at some new super 3D puzzles from Kidicraft.

13 December 2019

Fuzzikins play sets review- colour, wash and re-colour

Have you heard of Fuzzikins? Cute fuzzy flocked pets that you can colour in and play with?Two years ago we reviewed Fuzzikins- cosy cats, both the girls enjoyed them then and they were played with for a very long time. The girls were lucky enough to get to choose a new playset each to review recently.

7 December 2019

GraviTrax, for big kids and little kids alike!

I am always looking for something different for Christmas, especially for my husband. I like to buy him something that can be opened as a surprise or with an element of fun to go with the things he has asked for, the DIY stuff or the obligatory underwear.

I first saw GraviTrax at Blog On last year and knew immediately that I was going to get some for him for Christmas that year, I knew he would like it and the Little Ones would too.