20 May 2020

Gymnastics at home, it's not the same

The arrival of lockdown came at a time when both the girls were training hard for the beginning of the acrobatic gymnastics competition season. Last year Little 2 wasn't ready to compete having moved up to the Junior Elite competition squad just as the season had started and Little 1 wasn't yet at competition level.

5 May 2020

And then they were gone..

The last six weeks we have been in lockdown, there are several things we are really missing and one of them is the amount of time we spend outdoors. Most weekends we would go out on a Sunday, a walk, a National Trust place or the local wetlands centre.

28 April 2020

Keeping the children entertained with Spinmaster Toys

We have all heard those dreaded words uttered from the mouths of our offspring, on wet rainy days and those where we have been stuck inside, the long summer holiday or the days where they just seem to annoy each other endlessly. 'I'm bored', they say. Well, not this week as we have been having some mother-daughter time with the help of the Kumikreator 2 in 1 necklace and bracelet maker and the Go Glam nail stamper kindly gifted to us from Spinmaster.

21 April 2020

Boredom busting with Ideal games

We are just over four weeks into lockdown and quite frankly no one knows how long it is going to last, we are spending a lot more time at home than we are used to and boredom is beginning to set in at times. Imagine the looks of delight on the Little Ones faces when they saw the contents of a rather large box that arrived for us one afternoon, a huge bundle of games.

7 April 2020

Home learning - Coding Critter fun with Bopper, Hip and Hop

There are some cute munching sounds coming from the dining table, followed by some snores. Little 3 is completely absorbed practicing his left from his right and learning all about cause and effect as well as early coding, home learning is going well today. You see he is playing with Learning Resources Coding Critters and having a great time.