2 October 2018

The Little Ones try out the 'Read with Phonics' app

Lately Little 3 has been showing an interest in letters and letter sounds or Phonics as they are known, he has been asking what letters are called and what sound they make, at just 3 and a half he attends pre-school but isn't yet in school so when we were asked to review the 'Read with Phonics' app I thought it might be a good introduction for him and a bit of fun too.

23 September 2018

The whole family get stuck in with Kinetic Sand- Beach kingdom

I am sure you will have heard of Kinetic Sand, the moldable, mess free building compound that you just can't help but touch. It is in the way you can squash it together to form structures which will stand for ages and then at the same time it can simply suddenly dissolve again sliding through your fingers in a liquid sort of manner leaving no residue. 

13 September 2018

A new found freedom for Little 3

This summer was one of growth and changes, all three Little Ones shot up especially Little 2 and Little 3 found new independence and a world of freedom. It is amazing what a difference can happen to children in just 6 weeks and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly they change and grow even from one week to the next.

4 September 2018

Strawberry picking with friends

So the strawberry picking season is coming to an end and I almost forgot to write about the fun afternoon we had strawberry picking with friends back at the beginning of the holidays.

21 August 2018

A big fat box of photo memories from Cheerz

When I think about all the photos I take of my family, the days out, holidays, milestones, birthdays and all the other things inbetween it makes me wonder how many photos are stored on my phone, my camera and my computer. There must be thousands of them and how many do I actually print out, not many to be honest.

17 August 2018

Is Little 3 really ready to go to pre-school ?

It is true what they say, children really do grow fast, literally from one day to the next. I find it hard to believe that Little 3 will be starting pre-school in September, in just over 2 short weeks.

10 August 2018

What the Little Ones wear- Living in Lilly and Sid

I have said it before and I will say it again that in our house we love colourful and comfortable clothes, the Little Ones are always picking out what they want to wear and this summer season we happen to own quite a large selection of Lilly and Sid.

3 August 2018

The girls get creative with Glam Goo deluxe

Slime, the latest craze- the girls have made it at school, bought it and tried to re-create it at home, they love playing with it, stretching at and now they can accessorise it.