9 November 2020

Twisty girlz review -doll or bracelet?

Little 2 loves girly collectibles and anything animal themed is instantly a big hit with her. She likes trinkets and jewellery and anything deemed as cute or quirky. We were recently gifted a Twisty Girlz toy for review and Little 2 was the perfect child to test it.

30 October 2020

Little 1 reads Mermaid Eclipse- A book for teens

At the grand old age of 11 Little 1 is finding it harder to find different books to read that she likes. She is a capable and able reader with a good vocabulary and this has often been where she has a problem. Little 1 needs to like a book very quickly, right from the start, she doesn't have time to see what the first few chapters hold, she either likes it or not. More grown up books are often boring to her and get cast aside without a chance. Not Mermaid Eclipse though....

2 September 2020

Playmobil EverDreamerz 2 Comic city toy review

Playmobil is one of those toys that we have had in our house for years and still the Little Ones ask for more. Little 1 first received Playmobil on her 4th birthday and now at almost 11 it is still on her Christmas list, we have got quite a bit of it and it has to be the toy that is played with the most by all three of them. We recently got sent some of the Playmobil Everdreamerz 2 Comic City collection to review so read on to see what the Little Ones think.

20 August 2020

Kid K'nex- Oodles of Pals and Rockin' Robots review

The Little ones like construction play, all three of them can regularly be found building and creating in a huddle in the corner of the living room. The latest creative toy they have been getting to grips with is Kid K'nex which has kept them all occupied quite a while (and Daddy too!)

21 July 2020

Running free again...at NT Newark Park

Having been stuck indoors for long periods of time over several months and not able to do the outdoor things we thrived on was tough, once it was safe and things began to open we began to venture outdoors again, our first trip out was to Newark Park, a National Trust property.