31 May 2021

Building big with the Core K'nex 70 model building set

What terrible weather we have been having lately, rain, rain and more rain. Having been stuck inside due to the weather and not being allowed to visit anywhere the Little Ones have been turning to their toys more for entertainment. Imagine their joy when a giant box of Core K'nex turned up for review recently.

8 April 2021

Good clean fun - Anti-Bacterial slime Review

'Mum, Can I get some slime?' is a near daily request from the 11 year old, she loves the stuff. I can't say I have been quite as in love with the substance as she  in the past but having been testing out Anti-Bacterial slime from Canal Toys this week I have found a brand that ticks all my boxes.


30 March 2021

Pushpopper review - A Stress relieving fidget toy

Little 1 is a fidget, she can't sit still for 5 minutes unless she is doing something, up and down like a yo-yo, she rarely watches tv unless she is drawing or writing a story too and sitting to watch a film- forget it. These days, if she isn't drawing or writing, it is mostly her phone she has in her hand but lately her attention has turned to something else- push poppers.

9 November 2020

Twisty girlz review -doll or bracelet?

Little 2 loves girly collectibles and anything animal themed is instantly a big hit with her. She likes trinkets and jewellery and anything deemed as cute or quirky. We were recently gifted a Twisty Girlz toy for review and Little 2 was the perfect child to test it.

30 October 2020

Little 1 reads Mermaid Eclipse- A book for teens

At the grand old age of 11 Little 1 is finding it harder to find different books to read that she likes. She is a capable and able reader with a good vocabulary and this has often been where she has a problem. Little 1 needs to like a book very quickly, right from the start, she doesn't have time to see what the first few chapters hold, she either likes it or not. More grown up books are often boring to her and get cast aside without a chance. Not Mermaid Eclipse though....