7 June 2019

Chilling out in Cornwall- Hidden gems

So here I am about to write about what we got up to in Cornwall over half term when there are only a few weeks left of the Summer term. Life has been really busy here and I am only just getting the chance to catch up so bear with me... So here goes a Half Term break in Cornwall.

23 May 2019

A love for Ladybirds at Tyntesfield

If you read my blog regularly you will know we are members of the National Trust and often pop somewhere on a Sunday afternoon or in the holidays. The Little Ones love completing their activity trails, running around the grounds, finding woodland play areas, enjoying a tasty treat in the cafes and like to look around the buildings and chat about a bit of history or how things were years ago.

19 May 2019

Little 1 gets to grips with gears

When I was at school I loved science, I loved Biology but I really enjoyed Physics, learning about forces, how things work and all the science behind it. I studied the sciences right up to A level and still find it fascinating how things work the way they do. The Little Ones are just beginning to ask questions and take an interest in the way things work and the mechanics of things especially Little 1 who did a topic at school on flight last term.

7 May 2019

The Falconer's Quest at Warwick Castle

Bank holiday weekends usually mean a day out for us as we all have a few days off together, so last weekend we took a trip to Warwick Castle, somewhere I have never actually been before, to see the castle and grounds and to check out their new Bird of Prey show, The Falconer's Quest. 

3 May 2019

The one with all the muddy puddles

It was the wettest day of the Easter holidays (that one day it rained before the wall to wall sunshine, remember?), the last day Daddy was home before it was just me and the Little Ones for the best part of two weeks off school. It had rained overnight and solidly all morning but we were not going to be beaten by the wet stuff.

1 May 2019

The Girls flip over Moji Pops

Collectibles are a big hit with the Little Ones right now, it seems whenever they get a little pocket money or are allowed a treat they ask to get more, to expand their growing collections or to see if they can find the ultra rare figure they haven't got. All three Little Ones love to play with them, and Little 1 really isn't one for playing with toys much anymore, the girls love to barter and trade to complete the little families or combine them all together and take over the floor.

29 April 2019

Children are expensive little things

Is it me or are children really rather expensive things, despite their size (in the early years anyway) they really are rather costly. Even right from the start with a cot, car seat and pram they can require a hefty outlay and it doesn't really stop there. They eat and grow, need uniforms and money for all sorts, then they get bigger and the costs begin to rise.

20 April 2019

A smashing Easter egg hunt with a difference

Sometimes I think the Little ones get too much chocolate at Easter (too much chocolate, who ever heard of such a thing!), an egg from school, a friend, the grandparents and a local egg hunt near us and of course a couple of little bits from the Easter bunny on the day itself. While we don't go overboard with chocolate sometimes I think something a little different would go down just as well.