12 September 2017

Little 2 takes her stabilisers off, plasters at the ready!

Learning to ride a bike is one of those childhood milestones, you have your first bike, whether it is a balance bike or one with stabilisers and the day you sit on a bike and can pedal off down the road unaided is met with a big grin and a parent stood with a camera, well in our house anyway.

7 September 2017

Little 3 goes to nursery

This week has been a special one for Little 3, at almost two and a half years old he has gone to nursery for the first time. 

4 September 2017

Little 1 makes the jump to Junior school

There are a few changes going back to school this year, not only am I going back to college and Little 3 starting nursery but Little 1 is making the jump from Infant school to Junior school. At almost 8 years old she is entering year 3 and embarking on the next phase of her school journey.

3 September 2017

Mummy goes back to college with ChewBICca Star wars Stationary from BIC

A long time ago in a galaxy... not actually very far from here, oh, all right this very living room to be precise I completed a degree with the Open University. Now 9 years on...