15 September 2014

Waving goodbye-First day at playgroup

Today was the day that Little 2 started at playgroup, well I'm not sure if it is playgroup or pre-school really as they call it rising 3's so in order to avoid confusion over her starting proper pre-school next year we are going for playgroup!

We have been talking about it for a while now, she has tried on her enormous uniform and will get her bookbag today which she is excited about as Little 1 has one for school and she is keen to have one like her sister. She is able to understand that I am going to leave her there to have a play and some snack and then I will pick her up and we will both go and get Little 1 from school together. She was excited when she woke up this morning but I think it could go either way when I drop her off, parents aren't allowed in you have to leave them at the gate and it is the first ever time I have left her somewhere other than Nanny's house!

She is one of those children that is chatty and happy with people that she knows and environments she is comfortable in but will hide and avoid people she doesn't like or know or if she is shy, she withdraws into herself and will sit on her own in a corner sucking her thumb rather than seeking reassurance, I can just envisage her sitting quietly alone while the staff deal with the noisy crying ones! But I'm sure that won't happen. 

I don't think it will take long for her to settle, she is ready for a bit of interaction with others her age and loves to get messy and hands on so I am sure she will come home covered in soil or paint each day with a big smile!

I am also looking forward to a little me time too, once I have walked back home I will have about an hour and 40 minutes before I have to leave to pick her up, what shall I do in that time? housework, blogging, go shopping ALONE, watch some trashy daytime tv uninterrupted instead of cbeebies, sleep? Sleep sounds good to me at the moment, I am now 15 weeks pregnant and still absolutely shattered, I worked out that the 2 days Little 2 is going to playgroup I will be walking about 3 and a half miles a day to and from school and preschool twice so I might need a snooze especially as my bump gets bigger! The exercise will do me good and help to stop me putting on too much weight too.

This is Little 2 in her new uniform before leaving for playgroup, she was very smiley.

When I dropped her off the lady who met her said 'Hello' and as predicted Little 2 looked at the floor and avoided her, I picked her up and gave her a cuddle, then handed her over and made a run for it, saying 'I'll just go and get little 1 from school (1.30 pick up today) and come back to get you, bye.' She looked me right in the eye staring ahead, trying to avoid the lady carrying her as she was taken in and went round the corner, she looked like she was going to cry. I didn't feel too bad as I left apart from that 'Awww my baby' thought as I walked home.

When we pick her up we have to wait for them to go and get her and bring her out to us, as they brought her out into the foyer she looked a little shell shocked like she had no idea where she was being taken and then she spotted us, her face lit up and she shouted 'It's Mummy and Little 1', she couldn't get through the door quick enough. I was told she had a really good first session and even left her comforter a few times, there were no tears!

I asked her what she had done and she said she had played playdough and been outside in the playhouse, apparently she had liked pouring her milk at snack time too. She wants to go back again so that can only be a good sign, it looks like playgroup is going to be a big hit for her and if she is happy I am happy.

12 September 2014

Little 2 bakes cakes

This morning while doing the shopping Little 2 piped up from the pushchair 'Mummy can we make cakes today?' Why not I thought. We used to do a lot of home baking in our house, the girls helping to make various biscuits and fairy cakes almost on a weekly basis but over the summer we hardly did anything except a packet cake mix that didn't work out. I think we were too busy out and about or in the garden to be in the kitchen.

Little 2 hadn't yet had the opportunity to bake with me by herself, Little 1 has done this lots of times before her sister was born and when she was too little to join in, recently it has always been the two of them helping so with Little 1 at school it was the first time Little 2 had baked with me by herself. 

As soon as we got home we set about making some cakes. Little 2 wanted to make some for Little 1 when she got home as she misses her sister now that she is out every day. She was very good at listening to the instructions and doing as she was asked. I made it a little educational too counting out the cake cases, how many more do we need, weighing the ingredients etc. Although she is only 2 years and 7 months she was very good at this and surprised me at her level of mathematical knowledge already!

She helped to weigh and mix the sugar and butter and then we made a bit of a mess with the eggs, she liked tapping them on the side of the bowl and then preferred to give them a good squeeze rather than breaking them open, luckily pretty much all the shell stayed in her hand rather than going in the mix, she then helped to count out the spoons of flour, I loved the look of concentration on her face as she kept them steady.

She was very good at mixing and very patient waiting for the cake to come together, it was lovely to watch and spend some one on one time with her.

We had a little fun spooning the mix into cases taking it in turns to do the dolloping and scraping it off each others spoon, we then put the cakes in the oven and set about licking the bowl clean!

I hadn't realised I didn't have any icing sugar to make any icing so we found some white chocolate in the cupboard and melted that which I spread over the cakes and Little 2 chose marshmallows to put on the top. Can you guess which cake she said she had chosen to have for her self?

Yes the one with twice as many marshmallows on the top! Little 1 and Daddy were impressed with the cakes when they got home, Little 1 ended up eating 3 throughout the afternoon off the rack before I caught her helping herself and put them away in a tin!! I guess they were very yummy!!

10 September 2014

Happiness and homework

Little 1 has now been at school a week and I am pleased to report that she is loving it. Each morning since her first day she is up and dressed and keen to go to school, when I ask the Little ones to get their shoes on she does so without fuss and is raring to go. She chats happily on the walk to school wondering what she will be doing today. As soon as her teacher opens the door to her class she is off, I have to be quick and grab her to get a kiss as she doesn't even say goodbye, she just runs towards the door without even a glance back. I love the fact she is so happy there, all my earlier worries were unnecessary, she has friends from preschool and has also made new friends too. She adores her teacher and is loving her new environment as well as the school dinners!

This week she has begun to learn her phonics (letter sounds) and has brought home homework, each day she has learnt a new letter sound and in her book she has to try and practice writing it at home for the next day, she also has a little bag with letter cards in it, like small flash cards, to practice the letters and attempt to build words, at the moment she has learnt S,A,T so we are limited to as, at and sat but this will grow quickly.

First ever piece of homework

We had a meeting at school today telling us what we need to be doing at home to help them to learn and how to do it correctly. They also told us that the children would start bringing home reading books from Friday, either picture books or early reading books depending on how they are getting on with learning their letters, so they aren't hanging about! Little 1 is keen and ready to learn to read so I'm sure when the time comes she will give those reading books a really good go.

There has been a bit of a strange feeling in our house this week, with Little 1 at school the house seems really quiet, we are used to her being out in the day as she attended preschool two and a half days a week last year but for some reason it is very different. The only way I can describe it is a feeling of being a little empty knowing it is permanent, every day, each week for the next 13 years or more.

I miss Little 1 during the day, she is the louder of the two Little ones and tends to commentate while they play and direct her little sister a lot so the house is always noisy when they play together. Little 2 plays quietly and doesn't talk much as she plays, she has spent a lot of time this week playing with her big sisters Playmobil and dolls house her way and is enjoying being in charge for a change!! 

I wonder how I will feel on Monday when Little 2 is out at playgroup too??

8 September 2014

Little 1, Little 2, Little 3, We are having another baby!!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who announced today that the Duchess, Kate Middleton is pregnant with their second baby. A brother or sister for Prince George, and who will become 4th in line to the throne. I do feel sorry for poor Kate as it is reported that she is suffering with severe morning sickness, it is horrid at the best of times let alone when it is that bad. I wish them well and hope everything goes smoothly, two children under two, rather them than me!

So if it is a day for announcing pregnancies then the time has well and truly come for me to announce our exciting news too. We are having another baby!! Yes Little 1 and Little 2 are going to have another playmate, we are having a third child, a Little 3, and we are all very happy.

Little 3 at 12 weeks and 3 days
I am now 14 and a half weeks pregnant and into my second trimester, it has gone really fast. I can say I am finally beginning to feel a little better. I suffered typical morning sickness for the first 6 months with Little 1 and 5 months with Little 2, being sick every day. This time I have been lucky enough not to have actually been sick once (although I have been close on many occasions), instead I have felt sick from the moment I got up until about 7pm which has been really tough especially over the summer holidays with two children to look after and entertain. As well as feeling dire I have had the most terrible indigestion; every time I ate I would get horrible stomach pains like I had badly overeaten (you know that eaten too much feeling when you feel a bit sick if you move kinda feeling) lasting several hours after eating (even something small like a piece of toast or an apple!) and then suddenly the next moment  I felt ravenous and shaky desperately needing to eat and as soon as I did the indigestion would come back, it wasn't nice. Thankfully it seems to have eased over the last couple of weeks and now I just seem to have a lot of stomach ache which I can deal with (it is ok to swig Gaviscon out of the bottle isn't it?). Hopefully it will get better soon.

I have also been feeling extremely tired, I don't remember being anything like this tired with the other two and I was working when I was pregnant with them! Perhaps it is running around after two children all day, dashing to pre-school and now school, we did have a busy summer too or maybe because I haven't been able to eat very well and that has left me weary, here is hoping that I find that second trimester buzz of energy soon.

Moaning aside everything is going well, I am healthy and so is the baby, we saw him/her wriggling away on the 12 week scan and waving at us a couple of weeks ago. The Little ones are ecstatic as it was a surprise to them. When we told them Little 1 jumped up and down throwing her fists into the air and shouted 'Thank You', we had no idea she wanted another sibling that much. Little 2 contemplated the news quietly whilst sucking her thumb and then walked over to me and delicately tapped my tummy and said 'In there, mummy?', a smile spreading across her face, so both took the news well. Little 1 has already told her old pre-school staff, her class and half the parents in the school playground, we have told our families and friends so the secret is well and truly out and it was about time I wrote about it here.

I am looking forward to ny next scan at 20 weeks, I can't wait to see our baby again and maybe find out the sex.....

5 September 2014

A cheeky little pixie- Little 2 is growing up

Little 2 is now 2 and a half and boy hasn't she changed over the last few months, she now has a big girls cabin bed like her big sister as apparently she is too big for her cot bed now! She now gets up and takes herself for a wee in the morning and hasn't wet the bed in weeks.

She sees herself as a big girl like her sister and is always telling me she has grown or is getting taller by measuring herself against the wall. She has changed physically too, she no longer looks like a toddler, she has grown taller, leaner and just looks more grown up all of a sudden, Many people have been mistaken in thinking that she is already 3 and I have to tell them otherwise.

She is so grown up for her age, partly from modelling her big sister, she just wants to be like her. She is clever and understands a lot more than any other two year old, her language is far more than others her age, she is just like a mini Little 1 and sometimes I forget that she is as little as she is.

She is a little pixie, my cheeky, scrummy littlest girl is always game for a laugh and disappearing off to cover her tummy in my hand cream or her legs in talcum powder! She does love lotions and potions and has a fondness for shoes too!

She can be a very thoughtful little girl and has a mind of her own, she will assert her independence if she does not want to do something and will let you know if she is cross but on the whole she is very easy going and takes everything as it comes.

She loves to dress up, the pirate costume I made for Little 1 being her favourite, often she comes downstairs wearing it and asking for help with the belt. Getting messy and art and crafting make her really happy too, the messier the better in her opinion.

Little 2 will be starting pre-school just a couple of hours two afternoons a week in a few weeks, we decided that she needed to spend some time with children her own age and I think she will be bored with Little 1 at school otherwise. It will be the first time she has been away from me as I have always been at home with her, I wonder how she will react to being left, she knows I leave her sister and go back for her so hopefully it will not be too dramatic for the both of us and once she settles in I know she will love it.

Both the girls are growing up so fast at the moment and starting new chapters in their lives, I  hope they don't grow too quickly, I'd hate to miss something! Love you Little 2 x.

2 September 2014

Little 1 starts school-her first day

Today was Little 1's first day at school, well half day. She bounded out of bed this morning and put on her uniform in seconds, she has been waiting for this day since the day she finished pre-school last July. She kept asking when it was time to leave for school and soon enough it was.

As we walked to school together I thought of my big/little girl and how much she has changed since she was a tiny 5lb 14oz bundle, it did bring a lump to my throat, but I did not feel sad, she is ready for this next step.

She smiled and barely looked back as she dashed into her classroom, book bag in hand, I had to grab her for a last kiss before she was gone.

I am glad she was so happy to go, It was only until lunchtime today anyway.

When Little 2 and I went to pick her up she was first out, a big smile on her face, she told me she had a great time, she had done drawing, sticking and painting as well as snack and playtime and a story, what a busy morning.

I love you Little 1 and will miss you while you are at school everyday, I can't wait to hear about all the things you learn about. Mummy x

1 September 2014

Gorgeous girls in a tutu photoshoot

This weekend we said cheerio, see you soon, to good friends, Karen and her girls from Would like to be. We haven't been friends that long but it feels like it was meant to be. Little 1 has been attending preschool this past year with Karens middle daughter, Rosie and the girls have become firm friends. Karen introduced me to the world of blogging and I got hooked, we went to Britmums together and had a great time, there have been playdates, toddler groups, whole afternoons in the garden and lots of coffee and chat! Unfortunately their Daddy is in the army and they have to move away, we are all a little sad about that.

All little girls want to be a princess and Karen's girls are no exception, they all love pretty things, girly dresses and tutus, so as a leaving present I made her two eldest girls Poppy and Rosie my 'Frozen' inspired tutus (tutu tutorial here) along with one for each of the Little ones too.

We decided to have a tutu photoshoot to have some lovely pictures of our girls together, these pictures were all taken by Karen in her garden as her camera is far better than my ancient one! 

There was a teepee...

Some dancing....


Some bubbles....

A little bit of posing as well as lots smiles and giggles...

This one is my favourite one of all...

Thank you Karen for taking all these beautiful pictures of our girls, we are glad you like your tutus and wish you well in your new home, we'll miss you, see you soon, x

30 August 2014

My daughter- the diva

As I write this Little 1 is fast approaching 5 years old, when did that happen, where has the last year gone? My little girl is all grown up and starting Reception next week. She soooo needs to start school, the summer holidays have been exceptionally long this year.

My cheeky, happy little girl has given me a taste of the teenage years in the last few weeks and I have to say I really hope she doesn't grow up too fast, I am not looking forward to the real teenage years AT ALL.

We have had some days with non stop whinging and strops, a little bit of back chat and some plain nastiness towards her sister, this is not my little girl, what has happened to her? I think mostly it is to do with going to school, she must be really anxious, she has been getting easily upset and that is not like her.

She has been asking every day how long it is until she goes to school and showing everyone her new uniform but yet she refuses to try it on! She has recently told me out of the blue how much she misses her pre-school teacher from last year and even her nursery from over a year ago.

Little 1 comes across as being happy and confident, many people have told me what a happy child she is and it is true, but underneath she is a sensitive girl and she doesn't show her vulnerable side until you get to know her.

A couple of her friends are moving away very soon and most of her friends are going to be in different classes (you can read about that here), I think this has affected her more than she has let on and the recent behaviour is a result of the uncertainty and angst she is hiding inside about starting school.

I also think she is bored, last year she went to the most fantastic little pre-school attached to the school, they used the school hall for p.e and did their nativity with reception as well as lots of learning and letter recognition too, having had six weeks away from all of that, although we have been busy, she has become bored and really is ready for the challenge of school now, I think this too explains her tricky behaviour.

Her behaviour away from the home is as good as it has always been (bar one or two small incidents) and she still so wants to please me and help me. I hope that next week when she starts school she will find new friends and settle quickly into school life and a new routine, I am sure when she does the anxiety will fade and I will have my super little girl back.

Until that time I expect the diva-ish behaviour will continue, these pictures really sum her up at the moment, hiding behind her glasses and rocking it out with a stick on a dustbin taking all the worries away with great big whacks, yet still smiling and quietly confident in her self as she grins at those looking on, oh how I love you Little 1.