18 October 2017

Memories from Lanzarote

Looking back through photographs recently, I came across the pictures of our honeymoon in Lanzarote, back before we had children, over 8 years ago. It is somewhere we both enjoyed being on holiday and somewhere I would like to go back to and to explore further.

10 October 2017

My beautiful Little 1 turns 8 years old.

They say when you have children that time flies and to enjoy it while you can as they grow up so quickly, well it is certainly true, I can hardly believe that my little girl is 8 years old already.

8 October 2017

Little 1 gets a birthday surprise from bakerdays

Everyone loves to get a parcel in the post, especially if you are excitedly awaiting your 8th birthday and counting down the days until a sleepover party with friends. The anticipation of what is inside is just too much when you are 7  years old and as Mummy knew what was inside I let Little 1 open the parcel from bakerdays that arrived that day.

6 October 2017

What if they got sick?? Stem cells with Smart Cells

The Little Ones are tucked up snug in their beds sleeping peacefully and once again I find myself staring at Little 3 on the video monitor feeling thankful that he is healthy. You might remember that Little 3 had problems with his heart when I was pregnant and that he seemed to outgrow his issue thankfully as he grew, we are still not entirely sure if the problem has resolved completely, but he is healthy and growing and developing normally. 

3 October 2017

Little 1 (and Daddy) review..Meccano 25 in 1 off road racer kit

I remember years ago sitting with my dad, all sorts of nuts, bolts and metal bits around us having a go at building some of his ancient Meccano. I can't remember what it was or what we did with it but I enjoyed twisting all those nuts and bolts into all sorts of things.

This week Little 1 and Daddy have been busy building Meccano too, the 25 in 1 off-road racer set from Spinmaster to be precise and I am not sure who liked the kit the most.

30 September 2017

What do you do with your children's artwork? Stationary Bundle Giveaway

It is 3.25pm and we have just got in the door from school, while the children raid the kitchen for a snack and tell me about their day I sort out their book bags, I find letters, reading books and diaries, homework and pieces of art.

28 September 2017

The one with all the fossil hunting in Charmouth

An email landed in my inbox this morning reminding me that we go away in just 3 weeks for half term and I suddenly remembered I hadn't yet written about our lovely summer holiday we had this year.

We had a fantastic family holiday down on the Dorset coast where we stayed in a caravan just a few hundred yards from the beach. The Little Ones had plenty of fun on the beaches, playing with new friends in the next caravan, eating fish and chips and we had a couple of days out too. A simple fun family holiday but as Little 1 said 'The best holiday in ages, Thanks Mum'.

24 September 2017

The bottom of the laundry basket- #EcoverLaundry Challenge

'Oh my gosh, it can't be, is it really? Yes, I believe it is, I can actually see the bottom of my laundry basket...... wait, scrap that..... it is full again'.